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Summer Hop (Hip Hop Festival - 30/7/2016
 Το Summer Hop (Hip Hop Festival) διεξάγεται για πρώτη φορά φέτ&omicr...
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XAOS - Monday the 25th
 Ο Ανδρέας Ευαγγέλου και ο Κλεάνθ&eta...
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T.E.A.M. - Raise your voice 1/7/2016
Οι True Enforcers of Advance Movement παρουσιάζουν την 1η Ιουλίο&u...
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UchihaRapFam presents: Ήταν Τζαιρός" - 15/6/2016
 H UchihaRap Familia παρουσιάζει το live "Ηταν Τζαιρός". &Omic...
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Beats4Unit Vol.2 - 25/6/2016
 Beats4Unity is a street festival promoting alternative urban culture through the hip-hop elements: breaking, MCing, DJing and graffiti. Taking place in the buffer zone, people from both com...
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Rap Festival / Dynasty Sound Stage - 24/6/2016
  Rap Festival / Dynasty Sound Stage 2016 (Λευκωσία), Παρασκευή 24 Ιουνί&o...
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The Soundsystem Sessions - Julio, Smilin, Ποντίκας, Bad Hooligano - 4/6/2016
 Έρχεται άλλο ένα live στο Daltons! Όπως αναφέρο&upsil...
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Mash out Jam | Live Hip-Hop Party - 22/4/2017 Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Image  Old School Hip-Hop party στις 22 Απριλίου 2017.
Entrance Fee: 6eu
Doors Open: 8:30pm 

On the decks: DJ Andreas Alex a.k.a. Ice (FTW)
Opening Act: Flava Fuse
Live on stage MC's: Julio, Amo, Thrillah, Jurasik, Mr. Tserko, Parasights | XMK, NosJi (ΚΞ), Joro

▶Open Mic
▶Dance Cypher
▶Showcase by Cyprus Beatbox 

True Enforcers of Advance Movement
Facebook Event link here
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