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The Originals 2012 - Raw Bboy Jam - 2/9/2012 Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Image  The Originals 2012 – Raw Break-Dance Championship of Cyprus

The Originals 2012, is Break-Dance championship of Cyprus were style, technique, originality, determination and desire will meet in the massive battle to find out who is the most original champion of Cyprus.

Date and Time: 16:00pm, 2nd of September

Location: Castle of Paphos, Harbor, Kato Paphos

Judges: Hulk (Unstapabullz crew) Israel
, Fox (Bassicks crew) Greece, Smash (Soul Superior) Cyprus/UK

Dj: Salty Ballz

Host: Harmanis and Tricky

- Last Man Standing (1 vs 1 battle)
- Crew vs Crew (from 4 to 8 persons in the crew)

Side Event – The Most Original

WorkShop: Bboy Hulk (Unstopabullz crew, Israel) Master Class

Date and time: 17:00pm, 1st Of September

Location: Olympic center, behind of the E&S supermarket, Kato Paphos.

After Party

Date and Time: 22:00pm, 2nd of September

Location: Splash Pool Bar, Kato Paphos, on the Harbor road near the Starbucks Coffee shop.

Sponsored by: Go Energy Drink, Municipality of Paphos, Cyprus Airways, Eric in design, hiphop.com.cy, Lure Away production and Triplex crew. 




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