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FTW - Κάποια πράγματα αλλάζουν... κάποια μένουν σταθερά Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Image Καινούργιος δίσκος απο FTW! Τιτλοφορείται "Κάποια πράγματα αλλάζουν... κάποια μένουν σταθερά" και αποτελείται απο 15 τραγούδια.

Συμμετέχουν οι doody, DJ Μάγος, DNA, Γιάννος Wu, Mazout, One Way, MC Πάτρονας, Lyrikal Eye, Σιωπηλός Αφηγητής και.. ο Vanilla Ice.

Ο δίσκος διανέμετε δωρεάν και μπορείτε να τον κατεβάσετε απο εδώ .

Διαβάστε περισότερα.. 




Review by Siopilos Afigitis:

My thoughts on FTW's new Album "Kapoia Pragmata Allazoun"

1- Εισαγωγη – FTW feat Doody

Great sampling which merges nicely with the beat (one of the best productions on the album) giving an uplifiting, bouncy feeling with the movie orchestral in the background. It’s been a while since I’ve heard Zivanas and he reconfirmed why I still consider him one of the best Cypriot MCs and one of my personal favourites. More on Zivanas later. A nice verse which gives the essence of the album and nice mention to all participants. Ice as always with a well thought verse showing his depth as one of the few all round hip hop artists with production, MCing and DJing in his CV. Gives a good intro and summary of the hip hop scene in Cyprus leading up to the album. 

Doody comes in with a stable flow affected by the good production and from what I understand engages in battle rap in what I consider is an answer to some songs that came out in the past two months. Even though he is of course entitled to answer I am not sure that the intro song on an album of another artist is the best place for this and in my opinion drifts away from the essence of the track and the verses of the two preceding two artists who may not share his views or positions on the current matter. More on Doody later.

Overall however this is a nice introduction that sets the scene for the album.

2- Kapia Pragmata Allazoun – ICE feat. DJ Magos

I got a little low bap feeling during the intro of this song and then that deep phat beat came in which made me feel like I wanted to bounce all the way down the street and break some shit!

Ice with a nice and easy flow makes me feel comfortable as he rides on the beat with very meaningful lyrics which I can relate to as he is closer to my age range.

DJ Magos gives a scratch recital in this song. I had commented in one of my older facebook posts that he is indeed a Magos. His performance in this track really speaks and jumps out of the beat as if his scratching is an MC. I must admit that in previous years I considered the scratch to be part of the production...a little salt and pepper if you may to enhance the instrumental but artists like DJ Magos prove me pleasantly wrong. Turn up your volume and listen to 2:18 – 3:00 and you will know what I mean!

3- Sto Ypogeio

Powerful production. Classic FTW with very powerful poetic lyrics and meaning. A strong Zivana returns with a boom.

Zivanas is one of my favourite MCs due both to the quality of his lyrics and flow but also he has a particular metal in his voice that instantly magnetises listeners to listen to his words. Catchy chorus too.

4- Spread your wings – Ice Ft. Doody

Great production. The sampled chorus gives the song great dynamics and sets the mood as well that electronic dirty echoey guitar. 

Doody comes in with some good personal lyrics and a good consistent performance speaks about self confidence, dreams and strength to carry on which is a very much needed concept in our days. 

Doody is a new artist and I think he is genuinely trying to find his style moving between different spectrums of hip hop (in some cases dangerously close to what I call pop hip hop which I do not embrace) however again I state my philosophy that the beauty of hip hop is that it means something different for every one of us and from the moment that it is genuine (from the artist’s perspective) then I am ok with it. He does have some good songs and I think is a good story teller with a good imagination which is rare in Hip Hop. He can take a situation and creatively build a descriptive flow and story which helps the listener picture the song and this is one of his strong points. Anyway he is still young and I genuinely believe he is working hard and has a dream even though he is still as I said searching for his style. Fuck it! I am 33 and still have no style so...!

Ice is consistent as always and gives a poetic recital.

A truly nice “feel good” song. I really enjoy listening to it

5- Tze pou Ksereis feat DNA.

Love the live African drums in the beginning with Decayer’s amazing lyrics and flow as intro and then an amazingly powerful beat drops. One of my favourite productions on the album. When I listen to this makes want to speed up while driving and turn this shit up. 

An excellent catchy chorus. Good natural Cypriot flow and lyrics from MegaHz. When I listen to him rap I feel like I am listening to someone preach in the middle of the street. He always has something deep and powerful to convey in a natural almost spoken way which conveys honesty and genuineness... a powerful advantage in hip hop. 

What I said about Ice in previous tracks applies to this song too. 

6- Lefkosia

Wake up call from the grandfather of Cypriot Hip Hop. Classic Wu production. I like the old school feel of the beat and I enjoyed Wu’s rhymes which are genuine. I like listening to John’s songs which explore other elements beyond gospel and religious isuues since as he has a lot to say in a unique style and I missed this. 

Zivanas comes in with one of my favourite versus on the album and confirms all my mentions to him above. Ice gives a strong verse and I think he really felt this one! I felt a little anger in his lyrics! Loved the mention to renting a limo for birthdays 

7- Den Stamata ft Mazout

Another great MC. I don’t know what the fuck happens but when I listen to Mazout I just start bouncing and shaking my head. His flow is always an essential part of the instrumental with a melodic quality that is really powerful.

I really blasted this track in the gym when bench pressing. One of my favourite tracks on the album. Loved the funky guitar and the beat too. Lyrics were strong and in my opinion Mazout is one of the best battle rappers that knows when to hit, where to hit and where to draw the line. 

8- Mousiki

Nice funky production with great lyrics from Ice. I think this is one of those personal songs that artists makes once in a while and is mostly aimed for their own ego and self rather than for the general public. On the downside, I am not a big fan of the robotic voice effect. 

9- Kai as min ine alithino feat. One Way

A very nice and warm song from two poetic hip hop bands as I like to call them. Great instrumental and I enjoyed the female voice touch.

I like MCs which convey intelligence in their lyrics and One Way is one of those bands that make us also stop and think for a little in between the beats as music and hip hop is also a very strong social means of communicating ideals, concepts, feelings and advice. Another song I enjoy listening to in the car and letting my mind drift!

10- Kyriaki

A great chill out song. I heard this today (which is a Sunday) after watching Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Laurenceand then drinking whiskey with my brother and dad on the Veranda making souvla and though “Shit... This Ice knows what he’s saying!”

11- Tis Poutsas feat MC Patronas

From the burp in the beginning I thought...”Hmmm ... ok! I think I know what this is!” Before getting all critical we must understand that this is a humour rap song that is not meant to be taken seriously! I know because as a member of Hiphopcrecy, we’ve made our share of these. So I took off my “underground” “serious hip hopper” “can’t touch my music cause you are unreal and I am the true essence of rap” cap, leaned back in my car, covered my son’s ears and listened to this with a smile.

12- To Parathyro

A great production with some funky jazzy elements which I love. I really enjoyed Zivana’s lyrics. A short, to-the-point self confidence and belief song. Simple is genius. Mitsin alla rotsin.

13- Years working on this shit

Nice production. I enjoyed the atmospheric background which gave an interesting “contrast” to the battle rap in the verses. Lyrical Eye with some raw lyrics speaking strongly about making it through his hard work which is unquestionable given the recognition he has achieved and his devotion to the genre since the age of 16.

Ice’s battle rap lyrics caught me by surprise. I thought he was a good boy but I guess he can bite! :P I enjoyed his verse.

14- Vanilla feat Siopilos Afigitis 

It is clear that Siopilos Afigitis was drunk on this one (again) and tried to hide his fucked up lyrics in a fast mumbling flow which no one understands. 

Also tries to mimic Vanilla Ice in a fucked up American accent which is nowhere close to Vanilla Ice. 

Ice tried to save it but unfortunately Siopilos fucked it up once again! :P

Seriously, I had a great time when recording this song with Ice and coming up with the concept of Vanilla Ice and how to build it into the song through a skit and video clip. Look forward to doing more stuff in the future with everyone. Hopefully will be able to make time in my VERY busy work schedule and family time!

Wonderwall (Ice Remix)

A song “tou jerou mas!” as we say. Bring me many memories from the age of 17 listening to it drunk (yep eho provlima pou tote!) in Minos pub in the Ayia Napa plateia or in my walkman at the school trips! A nice remix that I enjoyed listening to.


This is a quality album and it is amazing that FTW are giving this out free. A true demonstration of how great they are and how they live and share hip hop not only though their music and lyrics but also through their actions. RESPECT TO ALL and PEACE ALWAYS!


Επόμ. >



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